A Note on Making Time

This morning I was driving to Kaapsehoop for an early shoot, pondering the things I intended to accomplish today – a public holiday I might add.  And again it dawned on me: Life just gets in the way some days.

Aside from the art I have a photography business to run, the kids have schoolwork and activities, there is dinner to prepare and school lunches and errands to be run, not to mention the house that needs to be kept more or less presentable.  The fact is that life demands more time than I seem to be able to produce during any given day.

I chat to so many people with demanding jobs and schedules who wish to spend more time doing something for themselves – whether it be going to the gym or pursuing a hobby or maybe just getting out of the house.  As I was driving along, listening to cello music on my phone and admiring the lovely hillside clothed in green plantations with mist hanging low over the treetops the day felt so promising – just like every other beautiful morning.

But then Life happens and your intention of spending an hour drawing before tackling business emails slips away as the groom informs you he forgot to mention the horsefeed is finished. Yesterday.  And now pony needs to eat but has no food.  You dash off to the feedstore.  Crisis averted.  The clock chimes 10 and you jump into the emails, telling yourself you will grab an hour for drawing when the kids do homework.  With some work done you fetch them, watching the last moments of rugby practice and then as soon as your son gets in the car he hands over the notice – a school project due in two days.  The hour is spent trying to find sources on some interesting old thingy for history.  Then you rummage through the freezer trying to find something to cook because you had every intention of defrosting it, but its bursting out of its seems with bits and pieces of meat you were still going to prepare, and now you stubbornly refuse to buy anything before cleaning it out.  The stove’s gas lets you down about halfway through preparing dinner and then your child brings a letter from school reminding you of the swimming gala he needs a new swimcap for and you realise you only have tomorrow 7am to do it because its tomorrow and that is when the school clothing shop is open.

Believe me – even when this is something you decided to take seriously and do as a business, life still gets in the way.

So I made another resolution.  A middle-of-the-week-middle-of-the-day-nothing-special-at-all resolution.  The kind that you don’t write down, you just do it.

I stopped and told myself that being a better mom and better creative means that sometimes I have to allow the kids to mess the whole kitchen while preparing their own lunch, or that hubby-to-be needs to make his own coffee, or the horse needs to just eat the huge bale of grass obstructing my view of the dam for one more hour – so I can draw, or practice cello.  So I can find that peace in me that allows me to be the person I am.

So I can allow Life to not get in the way, but be lived.

I will not try and tell you this is easy, or even possible every day.  But I will tell you that its a decision and not something that happens by itself.  To put time into the thing that keeps you passionate and happy about Life, you sometimes have to put Life aside for a moment.

So draw.  Or run.  Or play cello. For yourself.  Now – while you have a moment.

And me?  I am busy drawing this little waterbuck duo – they’ve been shouting my name for a while.  The reference photo comes from a dear friend who has been kind enough to send me a heap of reference photos for drawing.

And when I am not drawing?  I am trying to learn to play the cello, and horse-permitting I might spend an hour or so practicing this week.  It really calms me and its great to just do something that occupies my mind fully.

Watch out for another post on tips and tricks soon.

Thank you for reading my musings…

Much love

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