I just received my package of prints and I am over the moon – the idea to sign then and send them off into the world fills me with the same kind of excitement and trepidation as sending a child off to a new school.

This process has been an amazing journey.  Every time I sit down with a reference photo I wonder whether I will do it justice.  There is so much hope and so much of yourself woven into each pencil stroke – the need to bring the animal alive in a new way.  Each piece goes through its ugly phase – when the lines don’t make sense and the colour feels muddy and then, bit by bit, it starts to make sense.  I love the eyes the most and sometimes I would postpone drawing them, just because I enjoy them so much!

As I fingered through these prints, meticulously studying each again, I felt a tremendous sense of being and belonging.  This is me.  On paper.

I send each print into the world with love and happiness – may they bring you joy and life in your home.

Much love

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