Someone asked me the other day whether I preferred drawing pet portraits or creating wildlife paintings and it really got me thinking.

The answer is actually quite simple – I adore both and for vastly different reasons.

I never thought I’d be an artist and initially I started doing pet portrait commissions as a way to ensure a steady income. It never dawned on me that I would enjoy them so much. While I have drawn a few dogs now (and my first cat portrait – which I can’t wait to share!) they are all so vastly different and each person who commissions a drawing tells me something funny or interesting about the character I am capturing. Whether its a rescue, a loved pet that has passed or a furry child in the house, they all mean something to someone.

This specifically is why I love drawing pets – the feedback when its a secret birthday gift, or know that its a memory worth capturing for life. Each of them are special and unique and it really makes me happy.

Wildlife on the other hand challenges me – the different textures – from horns to feathers to manes and spots. With each painting I discover something new, really see the animal for the first time. Whether they are perched on a branch or lying on a rock I now really intend to capture a bit of nature in all my upcoming paintings. There is a freedom to create and it excites me to get up and get drawing. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a wildlife artist and pay homage to our natural heritage and hope that each artwork will bring joy to the owner.

There you have it – an answer to a quick question. I love drawing – whether its a pavement special or a majestic lion!

Wishing you a beautiful day!

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